leslie foldy, rmr

Leslie Foldy, RMR, CRR

Leslie Foldy, RMR, CRR is a Registered Merit Reporter and a Certified Realtime Reporter. Leslie has been a court reporter for over 35 years. She is a Past President of the ACRA, Arizona Court Reporters Association and was awarded the 2006 Distinguished Service Award. In the award presentation ceremony, Leslie was honored to be described by her colleagues as "motivated, intelligent, dependable, and diligent."

Leslie began her career as an official court reporter in San Jose, California. In 1983, she moved to the Phoenix area and began working with Phoenix Court Reporting Firms. She provided court reporting services on cases such as the American Continental Charles Keating multidistrict litigation and the MGM v. Kirk Kerkorian case.

Preeminent attorneys have relied on Leslie to report many complex and technical depositions due to her ability to accurately record every word and focus on the details while providing timely transcript delivery.

In 1996, Leslie formed Foldy Reporting to offer top-notch reporting services to busy litigators. Today Foldy Reporting is the Southwest’s most highly respected court reporting firm.

Leslie listens to your needs. She puts "going the extra mile" into daily practice. Over the years, that personal commitment has earned Foldy Reporting a reputation for quality and reliability you can trust.

Designations, State and National Certifications:

Registered Merit Reporter

registered merit reporter
Leslie Foldy, RMR

RMR, Registered Merit Reporter, must Speed test at 260 words per minute with 95 percent accuracy. According to the NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, of the over 38,000 court reporters in the US approximately 2,100 or less then 6 percent, hold a RMR designation.

Certified RealTime Reporter

certified realtime reporter
Leslie Foldy, CRR

CRR, Certified RealTime Reporter, must Speed test at 200 words per minute with 96 percent accuracy and have already acquired their RPR, Registered Professional Reporter Degree.

Registered Professional Reporter

registered professional reporter
Leslie Foldy, RPR

RPR, Registered Professional Reporter, must have the knowledge, skills and ability to produce a high-quality verbatim record. They must also pass the WKT, Written Knowledge Test.

leslie foldy, crr

Leslie’s appreciation for the great outdoors has led her to many of her favorite pastimes, such as hiking, birding, and snow skiing. Yes, Arizona does get snow. She and her husband John are frequent visitors to our beautiful national parks. An avid reader, Leslie loves white-knuckle true adventure stories and enjoys reading books on history, science, and medicine.

Many thanks to my husband John for taking the beautiful photographs featured in this website. You are appreciated.